Bikersss Hoooo


Summer’s a comin’ and it’s time hit the bike more often. Well not your average A to B ride like visiting your girlfriend / boyfriend, or the ride to university or work even. Naah, we mean the actual off-road and/or cycling a cool 50 miles or 80 kilometers kinda stuff. To get into the mood of hitting the road or out doors hard we bumped into a couple of old vids of extreme cyclist, mountain bike, trialbike legend and YouTube star mr Martyn Ashton (1974).

Although Martyn is now paraplegic and a wheelchair user, caused by a trialdemo in september 2013, he will stay one of the big inspirators of what fun stuff can be done on a bike. But don’t be sad for Martyn cause this man has cycling in his DNA and has picked up handbiking. What else to expect from an elite athlete.


Watch the vids below and check out the insane stuff Martyn and his crew made did.
Bikers Hooooo!!!!

Road Bike Party 2 – Martyn Ashton

Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party 1

Road Bike Party 3 – San Diego