Drizzy’s Latest Album


Like Beyonce Drizzy drops a all out full blown album / mixtape out of nothing! And hell yeah it’s bangin’!
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is the new Drake mixtape. We’ll…hmmm… mixtape…as most mixtapes are free in the underground landscape this one causes about $12,99 damage in your wallet in the iTunes store. So let’s just call it an album. His 5th album that is. Hahaha, Drake and management wanna get paid! Well if we were his management we would like to make some cold hard cash from it too!

Nevertheless Drake is taking us on a tour through his life, fictional or non-fictional, in his Drizzy fashion accompanied by some dope beats. We expect that the videos to the songs will also drop shortly on Youtube, Vevo and such.

Still in doubt rather to buy the album or not? You can check it out on Spotify and Deezer or Listen to it on Soundcloud below.

Drake – If you’re reading this it’s too late (Full Album)