Ford Electric Bikes


Ford, one of world’s oldest car brands is still pushing the envelope. And we like that! With the 85th Geneva International Motor Show going on at the moment Ford also made an appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Scoping out the world of cycling for a while it took the stage at the congress unveiling two smart electric bikes concepts named: MoDe:Pro and MoDe:Me.

The two concept e-bikes are part of Ford’s recently announced Smart Mobility Plan.
A plan to which looks at significant areas where Ford’s innovation can help change the way the world moves through:
– Connectivity
– Mobility
– Autonomous vehicles
– Customer experience and
– Big data

Both bikes have rear sensors and are connected to a protoype iPhone app, MoDe:Link, which has a rider alert system that lets the cyclist know when a car is overtaking them and makes the motorist more aware of the cyclist by causing the handlebar lights to flash.

The app would also enable cyclists to figure out the quickest route somewhere, including folding up their bike and using public transport when necessary—to create a less congested city. And taking inspiration from other smart bicycles, the e-bikes would have haptic feedback that help cyclists navigate their route without looking at their phone, vibrating the left or right handlebar as an indication of where to go.

Ford Mobility Project MoDe Bike

A new way to keep moving in busy cities