Just – Apple Watch – Me.


We are Apple and just Watch! Hahaha.. yeah it’s lame we know, but we couldn’t resist to play with the word Watch. Anyways.. In september we saw the official introduction of the Apple Watch.

Yesterday Apple’s Tim Cook and his team took us, in the well known Apple fashion, through some products like Apple TV, the iPhone 6, Apple Pay, Apple Health, the Mac family and of course the Apple Watch.
By the way we love the way Apple approaches health / medical research. Check the presentation if you want to learn more.

And WOW did Apple do a number on the MacBook. They really pushed the boundaries of their notebook to the next level.

But back to Apple’s latest family member: the Apple Watch. YES, WE WANT IT!!
Looking at it as a normal watch we want it to be stylish, to blend into our daily lives, makes us look good.. huh sorry.. to express who we are and oh yeah it needs to tell the time.

If you with want to know more about its tech specs you can check the major tech websites.
Here at the Herald we like to keep it simple as most of us are on the go.
– Design: WOW!!
– Tech: WOW!!
– Models: YES, YES, YES!!

The models range from, let’s say, Standard to Sporty to Exclusive.
Needless to say that we can’t wait to put the Apple Watch to the test.

Prices range from $349 to $10.000. You can preview the Watch as of April 10th at your local Apple Store.
The Apple Watch will be available on April 24th in:
– Australia
– Canada
– China
– France
– Germany
– Hong Kong
– Japan
– United Kingdom and of course
– United States

So Apple.. all the way from Amsterdam.. again.. we salute you with a standing ovation!

Apple Watch Special Event – Spring Forward – March 2015 (Apple Watch presentation starts at 52:34 min.

Apple Watch – The Watch Reimagined

Apple Watch Edition – Gold

Apple Watch – Steel

Apple Watch Sport – Aluminum

The new MacBook – Design

Apple Watch + Christy Turlington Burns