A Moment… Please.


Strolling through Kickstarter.com we bumped in a company called Moment. Moment created a case for mobile photographers that turns your iPhone 6 into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and camera strap. And looking at their products they made it cool incredibly cool. Good tech is nice but the eye needs it’s candy too. And the guys and doll at Moment certainly knew what they were doing and absolutely delivered.

The free iOS Moment App completes the case-lens-app Moment system. In addition to recognizing what lens is being used (if any) and offering relevant features, the app also allows more control by combining on-screen touch features with presses of the shutter button. For example, while the shutter button can be used for focus and exposure, sliding a finger on the screen can fine tune the lighting.

The Moment Case has already reached its US$100,000 funding target on Kickstarter and should start shipping in June. A pledge of $49 will get you an iPhone 6 Moment Case, while $125 is enough for the case and one Moment lens (Wide or Tele). If you want the case and both lenses, that’ll be $199, and a $299 limited edition set with a walnut wood grip is also on offer. While the iPhone 6 is currently the only smartphone to be catered for, Moment says cases for other devices could follow.

Check out the Moment video below.

Moment Case – The World’s Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography

Moment Case – The World's Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography from Moment on Vimeo.

Team Moment

Moment Team

Marc Barros – Entrepreneur, picture taker, and happy new dad.
Erik Hedberg – All things design. Snow surfing enthusiast.
Amanda Kirk – Lover of music, photography, and adventure.
Wes Wirth – PNW man with a passion for hardware.
RJ Lincoln – Gearhead, maker, and Seattle sports junkie.
Josh Baxley – Avid climber and software engineering ninja.
Bradley Castaneda – One part designer. One part photographer. Two parts explorer.
Zach Reed – Community builder by trade, photographer by passion.
Michael Thomas – Lens geek, dad, and vintage guitar junkie