Row.. Row.. Ram&Row


Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets.. We Loooovvee.. gadgets.

We like the One-Time-Use (sometimes kinda worthless) gadgets that still get a “B” for effort, but the ones that really add something to our lives are golden. Staying in shape to live life to the max is what we preach here at the Headstrong Herald. But we have to admit that sometimes it is so hard to keep all plates spinning. Sport, Healthy food, Work, Relationship, Friends, Family, etc.

But we’re side stepping’ here. Anyway Frenchie Patrick Saint-Martin came up with this – Instant Classic – idea to combine a full out exercising machine with furniture. Uh what? Yeah, that!
So what is Patrick’s – Instant Classic- idea? A Side Table which can be transformed into a Rowing Machine.

So for all you Urbanista’s, living the live, love cool design and want to stay in shape…. behold of the RAM&ROW.
For the die-hard athletes among us the RAM&ROW targets almost 90% of the upper- and lower-body muscles.

When in rest mode the RAM&ROW is a stylish piece of living room furniture, allowing you to store it in plain sight. But when it’s transformed into a Rowing Machine we think you will get that OPTIMUS PRIME feeling.

The RAM&ROW is available in a small selection of wood finishes to help ensure it matches your existing living room furniture. And last but not least the RAM&ROW starts at € 2.000 / $2,300.
And yeah, we’re gonna said it. Urbanista’s… Transform and Row Out!! Hahahaha.

Check out the demo below.

Ram&Row démo

Ram&Row démo from Patrick SAINT-MARTIN on Vimeo.