Stromae – Carmen


Our Belgian hero Stromae just released another epic music video. The video is from the song Carmen which is from the very popular 2013 album Racine Carrée. Like Papaoutai and Formidable our boy is dropping some knowledge on how to not be led by Social Media that sometimes portraits a way too perfect world.

A world within a screen which is more addictive than any drug on this planet. The main ingredients of this drug are: attention and voyeurism. Well there is a simple antidope for this drug and it’s called the Off Button, are you can use the less rigorous button which is Sound-Off button. Quite simple actually.

About Stromae’s Carmen. The video clip shows us how addicted we have become to Social Media and the attention we crave. It starts with just a couple of messages, followers, likes, etc. This all will alienate us from each other with will lead us into socially dead in the real world.

The Social Media platform he used is obviously the Twitter logo / bird. The “Carmen” music video was directed by French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet (1963), one of the best animators in the world and known for his films — The Triplets of Belleville (2003) and The Illusionist (2010). Both were nominated for Academy Awards.

Check Stromae’s latest music video pearl below..

Stromae – carmen