B&O: The Love Affair Collection

Bang_Olufsen-exclusive collection

1925 was the year in which Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen began their quest. It was a time when jazz music blossomed, and where the young – especially the young women – set themselves free. This was when Art Deco peaked, with its representation of luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress. Led by rebellious and passionate spirits, the roaring twenties saw a renewed attraction to genuine beauty, music and dance, that set the stage for a love affair that could last forever…

And the rest is history!

Bang & Olufsen is celebrating a very respectable age of 90 with a new collection called “Love Affair.”

As you know B&O doesn’t come cheap, but the quality excellent and the design is timeless.
Wanna make it rain? Then check out B&O’s shop.

Bang & Olufsen: The Love Affair Collection