Volcom presents: True To This…


We love Volcom! Cali based Volcom keeps providing us of the coolest and tuffest gear out there. We love this brand because of it’s gear for Skating, Surfing, Snowboarding and Motor Cross. Also it’s platform for Music and Art is so awesome. Love the way this company get’s involved in the most of the stuff their buyers are into.

Well here in Amsterdam and the rest of Europe daylight is gaining more time which states that Spring is on it’s way. YES!! What this also means is that we can start dusting off our weapons of mass destruction. So start oiling up the trucks ‘n wheels of your skateboard, inline skates, waxing up surfboards ‘n wakeboards, greasing up your BMX, cross motor or what-e-vvah.

Not in the mood yet? Check the Volcom vids below and you will surely get in the mood to go out side and play.

Sun’s out, guns out. So go out! and rip some shit!

Volcom presents True To This: Harry Lintell

Volcom presents True To This: Mitch Coleborn “Never Ending Path”

Volcom presents True To This: “The Spiritual Intoxication”