Breitling – B55 Connected


If you’re a pilot this watch is defnitely next level in it’s segment. And if not.. it will look damn smart on your wrist. With emphasis on the word smart. Why? Because Breitling will show that a classy performance watch manufacturer can step it’s game up into the digital age.

The all new Breitling B55 is the younger brother of the already iconic Breitling – Cockpit B50. So what’s different? Well the B55 can now be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy to an special Breathing B55 app. Smart Watches have been around for a view years and the exclusive brands did not really get involved in this changing market.

With the recent launch of the Apple Watch the traditional Watch sector has to respond in a creative manner on how to deal with the digitalization that is also moving into their world.
According to Breitling took with a rather unique approach. Instead of using the watch as an extension of the phone, the route taken by Breitling is perfectly opposite: the phone is in service of the watch.

What does this mean? While the watch per sé offers little to no new functions, it can be connected to a smartphone app, which in turn can be used for things like setting the alarm, changing timezones, storing timed events et cetera. A novel idea as far as I know, and one that looks quite promising in their video – truly simplifying the operation of the watch.

In our opinion a watch is one of the extensions that sort of expresses who you are and what you would like to signal to the big world out there.
The possible price tag to express yourself with the B55 Connected approx. € 8.000,00.

BaselWorld 2015, March 19 to March 26, should be a promising to be an exciting one.

Breitling – B55 Connected