Paris vs New York City


In 2012 Penguin Books published Vahram Muratyan book called “Paris versus NewYork”. As huge fans of Vahram’s work, Nord Collective create a animated version of the book.
To make this tribute real Nord Collective couldn’t use original illustrations directly, so they used Vahram’s ideas as a base and completely reworked the design and illustrations. They succeeded in trying to keep visual similarity to the original, animated all scenes and asked The Cosmic Setter to write and perform original music and sound design for this project. Simple as that.

We’ve been to both cities a few times. And every time we always have the feeling that we are going to a real big city. This said, we still think we live in one of the coolest cities in world… called Amsterdam. But hanging’ out in either New York or Paris feeling the dynamics of the city gives us so much energy and inspiration we just wanna kick ass when we’re back home.
Man! or Wo-mannn! you gotta love the city live!

Check out Nord Collective’s uber cool animation below.
Bonjour or Holla!!

Paris – New York

Paris – NewYork from NORD on Vimeo.

Animated book Paris – New York