Radio was the revolution


Hahaaa… For all you youngsters… huh.. like us… this is how is was done back in the 80’s. You know back in the days when the Air Jordan 1 was the newest shit around. Red Bull made this excellent… excellent mini doc of how radio and it’s DJ’s revolutionized music culture. From the streets to the clubs to TV. New York Radio in the 1980s and the pioneers who brought hip hop and dance music to the airwaves were the true innovators of bringing a mix of traditional music and electronic music.

NYC Radio during the ‘80s featured the most dynamic and influential soundtrack the city has ever heard. Revolutions On Air is the story of mix show legends and studio wizards like Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries, The Latin Rascals, Marley Marl, and Kool DJ Red Alert – innovators whose “anything goes” attitude pushed the emerging hip-hop, electro, freestyle, and house music scenes and kept radio listeners citywide hooked to their tape decks in order to record these now-classic mixes. Decades later we’re still feeling the impact of these Revolutions On Air.

Well… don’t just sit there… watch the doc below. Boogie down, y’all!!

Revolutions On Air: The Golden Era of New York Radio 1980 – 1988