Ride the future… BMW style


Remember the name: Mehmet Doruk Erdem! This Istanbul (Turkey) based Industrial Designer & CG Artist has mad skills and a out of this world view on design. Behold the Apollo Streamliner motorcycle. Mehmet created and designed this concept BMW motorcycle as a personal project.

This bike breaths futuristic speed, which isn’t strange with a name like Apollo Streamliner. Cool about this design is Mehmet eye for detail and heritage. Most futuristic designs carry a one body design. The Apollo Streamliner combines the old with the new perfectly. The classic leather brown saddle, the exposed engine, the monstrous rear wheel which has the classic spokes and the massive rear suspension. The aerodynamic front section is build to minimize the wind effect on the rider.

Anyway we love to take the Apollo Streamliner for a spin or two, well maybe three, hahaaaa!!